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’žThe   taboo   on touching the horse referred   to 'in  tht

Gazetteer Is not m vogue among Kattlra Gadabis.

4.    Totem Ism ;

The Gadabas  of  Rajacheruvu   Valasa    have  surnames

after aiimils in oaiay cases, for example, Gedela (buffalo),

Cfaeemala (aat), Gwrela (sheep) and Hiiuouathu (soak^y):

From this It cannot be concluded that they are totemistic septs.

la fact, oa enquiry' the tribals denied knowledge of totemism.

Probably, as the '"Gazetteer" surmised 150 years ago,

the Kattiri Gaclabas of the low country have abandoned thes®



It must however be noted that they are very particular

about their surnames. They take pride in It. In any dispute or

village brawls people bearing the same surname group together.

Inter -marriage within families of the same surname *s

prohibited. The surname of the bride should be different from

that of the bridegroom.

Pride of surname assumes importance in arranging

weddings. When people of the bridegroom's patry come to a

village seeking an alliance with a girl of that village, the bride's

party heckle the bride  groom and spsak derisively of his low

surname. They taunt him about his low birth. They ask how

it was possible for such a low person to presume upon marrying

a girl of high family with superior surname. In fact, however, no

surname is superior to others. But people of each surname boast

of their own special merit.

5.   Dress and Ornaments :

TheGazetter  of Vizagapatam District (1869)  describes

the traditional dress and ornamsats   of the Gadabas   in   lucid

detail :